The Challenge

Grill On The Hill, a fast food/ restaurant in Southampton, offering great food at affordable prices, wanted a new look and feel to their restaurant. They contacted us to help them achieve a vibrant and modern look that will attract more customers to their restaurant.

The Solution

The solution is usually fairly easy when the client knows what they want. In this instance, the client knew they no longer wanted static menus and were inclined to go digital. We arranged a site visit and sold the benefits and beauty of digital screens to them. Grill On The Hill loved this idea because they could have images of their meals displayed across the screens and it is cost effective as the screens could reflect price changes without having to reprint menus. After extensive discussions and meetings with the client to gather the information required to create the content for the screens, our design team created the perfect content with beautiful images that could almost make you taste the food just by looking at the images.


The Result

A vibrant and modern looking restaurant with vivid menus clients can read a mile off! Overall the end result was a very happy customer and the team at FASTSIGNS Southampton again went to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.