What Role Do Signs, Graphics and Visual Communications Have at Event?


The desired outcome of an event is to attract a group of people to attend and enjoy the event as a celebration of its cause, to do this signage and graphics play a fundamental roll before, during and after the event.


In the early planning stages of an event it’s important to tell potential attendees about the gathering, the information they need to receive are the headlines of the event, Why is the event being held, Where is the event being hosted, What is time and date and Who is the target market and the Cost to the potential attendee.

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If the event is general and open to a broad audience and requires ticket purchase, banners and posters are excellent signage application to help raise general awareness. If the event is for a select group of predetermined people consider small printed bespoke invites to keep your guest list informed.


During the event as the attendees begin to arrive, consider the temporary signage that is required in all areas of the event, help to minimise confusion for arriving motor traffic with directional signage. Draw people towards the event space with strategically placed flags, banners and floor graphics that will help guide the attendees easily to the celebrations. Once inside the event, consider how you can use temporary wall and window vinyl’s to brand the space. It’s also a great opportunity to use promotional items such as mugs or pens for your guests to take home as mementos of the event. Staff and team members of the host company can be dresses in event branded t-shirts to help identify them to visitors.

Following the event, hang banners and posters to say thank you to your attendees, follow up with direct mail postcards to inform them of future events and share content on your social media page of pictures that you took at the event and encourage the attendees to like and share your content for increased engagement long after the event is over.