Burgess Hill Library

Burgess Hill Library

Burgess Hill Case Study


We were contacted by the team at Burgess Hill Library in January to look at finding a smart solution for their wayfinding signage around the library that had opened the previous December. They also wanted to look at introducing a feature sign in the children's library making the entrance to the area bright and welcoming.

The Challenge

The new library is at the heart of a town regeneration project in Burgess Hill and our idea’s needed to reflect this fresh modern space in the community. The initial set up signage only included shelf headers for the genres. We needed to be mindful of the library's colour theme and branding within our proposal as well as providing a cost - effective result.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS® Crawley were excited to help. We consulted with the team at the library closely to ensure their brief was fulfilled and that all areas on the site had clear, concise signage that not only reflected their branding but was in keeping with the environment and existing headers. A site survey was conducted to look at all areas requiring attention.

FASTSIGNS proposed a variety of products and substrates that were hard wearing, functioning and budget conscious. This new signage created a fresh modern feel with clear concise wayfinding solutions especially in the highlighted areas that needed more direction. One of the materials used was acrylic which could be adapted across all areas of the library to fit in with the surroundings as well as allow the contemporary feel to be continued throughout the building. These included wall mounted signage as well as ceiling hangers which had the chosen brand colour on the back with the text on the front creating a high end finish, at a competitive price. The free standing directionals were a more traditional style stand but used the same palette l inking them perfectly to the acrylics.

The final item and one the library wanted to make a feature of was the ‘ Children's Library’ sign. They wanted this to act as an entrance to this fun area. By using 3 dimensional colourful cut out letters mounted on a PVC backer that hung overhead we were able to create the wow factor they wanted with this bright fun sign making the area inviting to the communities younger visitors.

The Results

The Burgess Hill library team were delighted with not only the products but with the wealth of knowledge and experience that FASTSIGNS brought to this project. The new signage has a fresh welcoming feel to it, ticking all the boxes on the brief. It’s informative, easy to navigate and fits in its surroundings seamlessly.

FASTSIGNS® Crawley have enjoyed a close relationship with West Sussex County Council Library Service over the last 17 years and are extremely proud of the work we have completed throughout multiple sites. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond, the longevity in our relationship with West Sussex County Council Library Service is testament to this and we are grateful the Burgess Hill team chose us to undertake this project with us.

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