Digital Signs Connectivity

Connectivity refers to making a connection between the source of the content and the display. There are different ways we can help you get connected. It depends entirely on your situation, which is why we review a number of qualifiers before making a recommendation on the best way to connect your message with its display.

USB Solid-State Media Player

This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to update your content at the display or media player location. However, you will have limitations on the type of content you can display. As an example, you must physically access the display to update the content, so updating the content frequently or across multiple devices can be time consuming.

Local Area Network or Virtual Private Network
(LAN or VPN)

This is a relatively easy way to connect your content and making updates isn’t usually an issue, depending on any firewalls you have in place.

Internet Connection (wireless or wired)

A hard-wired Internet connection is going to be the most robust and reliable form of connectivity and will prove faster for updates and live feeds such as weather, news or stock reports. If hard wiring isn’t an option, wireless gives you a decent connection and will stream live feeds, depending on the location of the display and media player.