5 Tips for the Perfect Makeover!

Author: FASTSIGNS® Chelmsford

Here are 5 tips to consider when sculpting a jaw-dropping rebrand!

Back to basics

Laying the right foundation is the basis for every effective rebrand! Spend time looking into the mirror of self-reflection, analysing the things that are currently working and the things you would like to change.

Then, let your creative juices flow! Brainstorm ideas that will highlight the vision, story and promise of the new brand but don’t forget the purpose of the rebrand and who it is aimed at.

Let research guide you

The most famous brands spend fortunes on rebranding, investing heavily into research to make sure that every shape, colour, and even font, conveys the desired message. Conducting research will help you make the right decisions and guide you to create a compelling brand.

Dedicating time to research will save you from making costly mistakes too!

Listen to feedback

Wouldn’t it be great if people reacted with ‘Oooh’s’ and ‘Ahhh’s’ when they see your rebrand? The best way to achieve this response is by listening to the opinions of your target audience.

Send out surveys, call clients, take a poll on social media…do whatever you can to get people to share their thoughts. You should aim to get feedback throughout the journey of the rebrand so that you can make changes whenever necessary.

Be consistent

No business wants to confuse their audience, yet, that’s what happens when a company fails to present their customers with a uniformed brand.

During your rebrand, consider revamping all of your marketing material - signages, leaflets, promotional items, even the website! It may sound like a lengthy (and expensive) process, but you should see it as an investment into your brand’s future.

Show off the new look!

Go crazy with your marketing and let people know that you’re planning a rebrand! Engage your audience before the grand unveil to help generate a buzz and excitement!

Once the rebrand is ready to be announced - don’t hold back! Let the whole world know your brand is bigger and better than ever!

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