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Incorporate QR Codes into Your Signage with FASTSIGNS

Imagine being able to scan a code or tap your phone to a static sign and an image, video, website, contact card or map location instantly pops up on your phone. These protocols enable the static world to become digital and dynamic. This option has grown in popularity over the recent years. QR stands for Quick Response, and it consists of a barcode that can be read simply with a digital device that stores information in a grouping of pixels organised in a grid. This simple way to send something to your customers, patrons or visitors can be used by having them simply point their phone camera or take a pic of the QR Code.

There are a variety of uses we suggest for this option. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Product tracking

QR code signs can often be used if someone would like to track product information within a supply chain. This allows for greater organisation and being able to report between different parties where something is in transit or in process.

  1. Touchless menus

Restaurants have been a big adopter of QR codes for serving up digital versions of menus and of course this can be combined with NFC tags for broader compatibility.

  1. Patient or customer check in

To create a seamless experience for patients checking in to a clinic or hospital, a QR code sign can do the job. This touchless option can also help keep patients and their families safer and healthier.

  1. Museums and educational spaces

This is also ideal for use in museums where an exhibit has a QR code sign and/or NFC tag that enables the viewer to pull up a video that explains more about the exhibit. Or it could bring up a map location to the next exhibit building.

  1. Promotional giveaways or networking information

During a trade show or networking event, you could have an NFC tag on your name badge that when someone taps it with their phone, they have all of your contact info. The possibilities are endless.

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