Beverley Building Society

Financial Service Gets a Modern New Look

Practical Signage Delivers on Experience

The Challenge

Located in a historic market town in the UK, the Beverley Building Society’s Georgian exterior commands attention on the high street, but the interior had a lacklustre 1970s aesthetic which required modernisation, albeit on a cautious budget.

The Solution

The financial institution had investigated a full shop refit with quotes exceeding £50,000. With much of the current fixtures and fittings remaining highly usable albeit dated in visual appearance, the building society worked with FASTSIGNS® to create a whole new aesthetic finish using signage applications. Using a hardwearing specialist textured vinyl, FASTSIGNS wrapped all existing fittings. This transformed the interior of the building society for a fraction of the price.

Financial Service Gets a Modern New Look

To continue the modern transformation, two digital signs were installed to provide information to the users of the bank. These signs are featured alongside acrylic lettering wrapped in metallic vinyl to
showcase the brand logo within the facility. Finally, a feature wall showing an artistic interpretation of the Beverley high street was installed using printed vinyl. This feature ensures that the citizens of Beverley know that this financial enterprise remains at the heart of its community.

Financial Service Gets a Modern New Look

The Result

The Beverley Building Society now has a modern and professional interior, which prioritises the upcycling of its fixtures and fittings, and is a modern environment for customers and staff to visit and work in.

*This project was completed by FASTSIGNS of Hull.

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