Shakespeare Primary School

Literary Landscapes: Crafting a Vibrant Educational Haven

Wall graphics

The Challenge:

Shakespeare Primary School sought to revitalise its learning environment to inspire and engage its students more deeply in their educational journey. The school aimed to create a visually stimulating atmosphere that not only encouraged reading and learning, but also communicated the school's values and commitments.

The Solution:

FASTSIGNS® worked with the school's preferred graphic designer, Yvonne Thurley, to bring their interior visuals to life. FASTSIGNS implemented a comprehensive interior graphics solution that would transform the school's spaces into vibrant, motivational, and informative areas.

Wall Graphics featured significantly in the solutions, making use of blank wall spaces found in corridors and stairwells. The wall graphics included a ‘Recommended Reading Wall’, which indicates the school’s commitment to literacy and features quotes from celebrated authors, as well as the front cover images of age-appropriate books. This impactful graphic aims to foster a love for reading in the school’s young cohort.

Other signage includes welcome signs and room identification signs, which help staff, students and parents navigate the building in a safe and calm manner. The clean font and aluminium finish on the flat-cut letters, created a clean and highly legible finish. The welcome sign is supported by clear health and safety boards, where key information is placed prominently, yet seamlessly integrates into the school's aesthetic.

Vinyl lettering showing motivational quotes are strategically placed throughout the building, showing that no area of the school has been left unconsidered. These quotes serve to uplift and inspire students daily.

Wall graphics were again utilised for two high-impact visual message deliveries, first the school’s Curriculum Value Wall, showcasing the school's curriculum and pupil’s actively engaging in activities, as well as the ‘School Promise Ethos’ being prominently displayed through a large wall graphic, serving as a daily reminder of their shared commitment to excellence.

The Result

The use of bold turquoise and bright complementary colours, resulted in an energetic aesthetic that invigorates the school environment. The signage solutions provided by FASTSIGNS successfully enhanced the overall appeal of the school, making it an inviting place for learning.

Wayfinding sign

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