pops freezer bikes


Brand Their Bar Top and Bike Freezers

The Challenge:

They needed someone that can respond quickly, reliably, professionally and creatively to their unusual needs. The freezers go through a lot of wear-and-tear and they required the graphic that will keep a high-end look. The turnaround also needed to be quick, as they are a new growing company, new events can pop up suddenly and they can't afford not having freezers ready. And some clients had specific branding requirements.

The Solution: Establish Brand Colors & Themes for Signage and Graphics

Initially to keep the cost down, we used cut vinyl to wrap the freezers. To help with durability we used a laminate over the background colour for protection. The logo graphics can then be removed/amended as needed. As time went by we upgraded this to full colour prints with floor laminate for extra protection. Each time an enquiry comes in, we will have a day or 2 to complete the order (sometimes a bit longer). Once the freezer arrives, our design team measures, setup artworks proofs and make it all within the limited time frame. We have done bulk orders to bespoke wraps for H&M or Christmas themed. As Pops grew in business so did the orders.

Popsicle stand outside of The Mount Street Deli freezer bike bar
popsicle stand Popsicle stand Popsicle stand
Popsicle stand Popsicle stand Popsicle stand
Popsicle stand at the beach Popsicle stand Popsicle stand
freezer H&M pop up

Their next venture for them was to brand out West End theatre bars. We had to create graphics that can wrap around a angled counter, and hang signs from the roof. All not permanent or that will cause little damage when removed. These signs ranged from small projecting signs to large wall graphics. We used Foam PVC with printed graphics, wrapped around the edges, to create a neat finish. With ceiling hooks and mini T-bars for fixing the ceiling signs. We also made exhibition pull up banners and acrylic office signs.

The Result: Created Brand Awareness by Branding all of their Freezers and Locations.

After we completed the initial freezer wrap, they were very pleased with the result of the product and the timeframe we completed it in. Soon more orders flowed in, including bulk orders. We made their office signs and event roller banners. And their busy rolling out branding across numerous West End theatre bars.

Our client relies on us for solutions when they want to grow their busy into a new direction. They can accept new projects and know that we will deliver on time and the quality of the product matches their brand. The result is a growing relationship with a new up-and-coming company.

Today our handiwork is visible right across Europe... from Islington to Ibiza.

*FASTSIGNS® Hammersmith, London is owned by Friederike and Simon Slee.