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ewprojectingbanners_3Physio on the River

Physio on the River Needed New Signs for Their Building

The Challenge

The owner of Physio on The River, Diana Wilson, has always had a close friendship with FASTSIGNS as we both share membership at the same Local Business Networking Group. Over the years Diana has been very kind referring many clients to us. So it was a pleasure and very rewarding to be able to help Diana with her own business when she brought a new challenge to us. Having done a smaller signage for her in the past, this time a bigger solution was needed. Ugly graffiti kept popping up on the rooftop of the business, which is visible to commuters at Barnes Station, and it needed to be covered up. From here a variety of new signs developed.

The Solution

We had to come up with a solution to get rid of the graffiti. Together with Diana we decided that a custom made triangular PVC banner would be a perfect solution for the area. It is durable long lasting outdoor material, covers the unsightly graffiti and advertises to commuters. The PVC banner is fixed directly to the brick wall with rivets to make sure it is secure. While on site we noticed that the current projecting banners were in need of updating. Following the success of the rooftop sign, we also replaced the outdated projecting banners with new projecting posts and double sided hanging banners. In addition to this we made a round projecting sign for the side of the building to clearly mark the entrance to the business. More recently the client decided to update her vehicle with branded graphics to advertise on the go. We used her branding to add bold graphics to all four sides of the car. This small smart car will definitely now stand out on a busy London street or parking area! This year we also worked with Diana to help her secure her space for return to work and following social distancing guidelines by supplying safety screens with more safety signs to follow.

graffitibanner1 projectingsign_2 vehiclegraphics_1

The Result

Our initial graffiti challenge killed two birds with one stone - solving the graffiti problem and increasing the visibility of the brand and the Physiotherapy practice with prime advertising displays. We also replaced dangerous projecting arms - that were falling off the wall after years in use - with new projecting arms and updating the advertising banners. One job led to another job and the projects are still growing as Diana is developing her business.