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West London Free School


West London Free School reached out to us to address their growing need for enhanced visibility. They sought assistance in updating their school signs and implementing branding throughout various areas of their premises.

Since their initial approach in 2015, we have continuously provided our expertise in signage for numerous projects and locations, supporting their ongoing signage requirements over the years.


Our first step was to conduct a thorough assessment of the current signage to determine the necessary updates. We carefully measured the key areas that would benefit from branding.

For the exterior signage, we utilised dibond signs with full colour prints, which were affixed to both walls and fences. These signs play a vital role in educational facilities by effectively communicating important information. On the interior, we designed acrylic plaques with colour vinyl prints mounted on the back for durability. These plaques were installed on walls and doors using wall studs. Additionally, we installed frosted vinyl on windows to ensure privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the rooms.

Another significant branding opportunity we explored was the school minibus. By branding the vehicle, you not only promote the school beyond its physical premises but also alert other commuters that the vehicle carries children, encouraging them to exercise caution. Moreover, it instils a sense of pride among students when they arrive in their school bus.

Similar signs were applied to the West London Primary School.

In addition to the signage we created for West London Free School, we also contributed to their new Sixth Form building. This involved the development of exterior signs and interior graphics. As it was a new facility, our goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere and foster a sense of belonging for the students attending the school.

West London Free School is a part of the Knowledge School Trust, and we have had the privilege of working with all the schools affiliated with the Trust over the years. Among them, West London Free School stands out as the most prominent. Additionally, we have also collaborated with various other educational facilities, including:

  • Earls Court Free School Primary
  • Kensington Primary Academy
  • Edlesborough Primary Academy
  • Dovery Academy
  • Cambridge City Free School


We have fostered a long standing working relationship with a community of schools, collaborating closely to ensure that their premises meet safety standards and effectively communicate their branding. Our goal is to provide an environment where both staff and students can navigate their daily routines with ease and a strong sense of belonging.

Signage extends beyond being mere informational points. Successful signage surrounds us, simplifying everyday tasks and enhancing our way of life, often without us even realising it. The same holds true for signage within school premises and what the result is of our work with the Knowledge School Trust schools.