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Clip N Climb warehouse sign

Clip N Climb

As the business grew, the company invested more in creative signage and advertising.

The Challenge

Clip N Climb is situated in a warehouse and both the interior and exterior needed branding and wayfinding. Over time, as the business grew, further advertising was required. It was essential that all signage matched the brand identity and was eye-catching. The client required some help figuring out how to combine different elements to create effective signage and graphics.

As the business grew, the company invested more in creative signage and advertising. When the facility reopened following the lockdown in response to Covid-19, the client had to ensure their space was safe. They needed help to establish what signage to use and how to go about displaying it in this unique environment.

The Solution

The client was part of a franchise, so from the start it was essential to match their ideas with the brand restrictions of the business. We started by considering the entirety of the warehouse space, and how it would be used by visitors. We then selected materials and decided what communication would be needed. Creating impactful, creative and fun signage was key because this reflected the spirit of the activity.

Indoor messaging was kept clear and easy to understand. To make an impact on arrival, we devised an impressive curved acrylic plaque to welcome visitors to the reception area. We also created big, bright wall graphics in the wall-climbing space.

The exterior offered more space to have fun and create large cut-out graphics as part of the warehouse and advertising signs. Exterior signage for the warehouse included large Dibond panels with full colour graphics to the front, with cut-out graphics. We also created directional signs mounted to the surrounding fence to help customers find the venue.

In addition to this, we created another large advertising board. This display was made from Dibond panels with full colour graphic print to the front.. The advertising space peekaboos above a wall and is visible from a neighbouring busy road. This smart and effective board is now filled with eye-catching signage.

We did not stop there. The company vehicle was an old VW van, which we covered in bright vinyl. When the customer saw the success of the vehicle graphics, we expanded the message to his own company vehicle. We took a more subtle approach and used crisp white vinyl lettering against the dark vehicle graphics to create subtle but noticeable visuals.

During the lockdown in response to Covid-19, we helped the client to make their space secure. We started by consulting on what safety sign options we could offer and how they could be deployed. We had to ensure that safety measures were in place in both the gathering areas and within the activity centre.

We supplied safety screens mounted to the floor, ceiling and counters. Hand sanitation stations were also supplied and numerous floor stickers to make sure the activity zone was clearly marked. The stairs were also marked with large vinyl graphics to make sure visitors followed a one-way system.

Other elements we have worked on are social media cut-out frames to celebrate an event and business cards that reflect the vibrant interior of the facility.

Clip N Climb interior signage Clip N Climb social distance signage Clip N Climb vinyl wall design
cnc_advertisingboard2 Clip N Climb van sign Clip N Climb fence sign
Clip N Climb front desk signage cnc_safetysigns53 Clip N Climb safety sign
cnc_safetysigns7 Clip N Climb vehicle sign Clip N Climb interior signage
Clip N Climb stair signage Clip N Climb sanitation station Happy Birthday sign

The Result

We helped the client to establish a strong brand presence, both outside and inside the facility. The branding was followed across the safety signage and installations, tying all communication together. Where the client was unsure, we were able to guide and offer solutions.

More recently, we were able to help the client reopen safely for business and gain trust from their visitors. We have built a strong, long-lasting relationship with the client.