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Pineapple Events


Pineapple Events oversees multiple kiosks at fairgrounds and event spaces, like Alton Towers, requiring regular branding projects to align with specific events or themes. As their trusted partner, they frequently approach us to fit or refit these kiosks.


After evaluating the kiosks and understanding the constraints and measurements, we are prepared to assist Pineapple Events in setting up their artwork.

Given the nature of the work, the artwork must potentially be easily removable for updates and also withstand a lot of wear and tear from a busy space. We use high-quality products like full-colour vinyl prints to wrap around the kiosks. To ensure durability, we apply a matte laminate to the vinyl before installation.

Each project may have unique requirements:

  • Cape Cod: In addition to wrapping the entire kiosk with full colour vinyl print. It needed a standout logo. We crafted this logo from layers of foam PVC, contour cut to shape with full-colour vinyl on the front. The base layer is screwed to the fascia panel, while additional layers are stacked using double-sided tape to create a 3D effect. Additionally, we supplied and installed two wall-mounted outdoor digital advertising displays with wall brackets.

  • Chocolate and Waffles: This stand was wrapped in bright vinyl, covering the entire blue structure. We added additional cut vinyl graphics on the front, including gold vinyl details.

  • Veggie Box: Required a rebrand to match the client’s new structure. We used self-adhesive blockout vinyl with full-colour print and matte laminate to wrap the entire unit and fascia panels. The Veggie Box logo was constructed from layers of printed flat-cut foam PVC, with the base layer screwed to the fascia and other layers bonded with double-sided tape. We also produced Foam PVC menu panels.

  • Spice Kitchen and Bubble Tea: Needed refurbishment and branding. We created large foam PVC panels secured to existing wooden units with double-sided tape and screws. These panels were covered with full-colour vinyl prints and matte laminate. Additionally, we produced Foam PVC menu panels.

  • Cloud 9 Treats Stall: Required curb appeal enhancement. We fitted gloss black Dibond cladding to the existing frame, reinforcing joins from the back. We added an additional layer of text made from brushed gold Dibond letters mounted on a 10mm thick black foam PVC base layer, creating a floating effect. Additional white Foam PVC letters were mounted with double-sided tape. The kiosk sides were adorned with brushed gold vinyl letters and wing details, and white gloss vinyl letters were applied to the windows.

In projects where multiple solutions are needed, it is crucial to maintain the brand's overall aesthetics and cohesion across all signage. Unless a project specifically needs to stand out, ensuring a consistent look and feel for the same business creates a seamless transition from one project to the next. This consistency builds trust with clients, as they come to expect reliable quality in our work. In each of the different projects we completed for Pineapple Events, there is a recurring theme in both materials and execution, reinforcing this cohesive approach.


Each project is managed with meticulous attention and care, ensuring that each brand is crafted to the required standard. This attention to detail has fostered a long-lasting partnership, as we consistently deliver on the client's vision.