w14kensington4​London Hotel Group

Multiple hotels in London that needs branding or rebranding. Require to have a high quality finish with universal feel.

The Challenge

Our client required branding across multiple locations. This is not for a chain hotel but for a group of individual hotels under the same umbrella but with their own name and atmosphere. The hotel group needed to hold a certain level of finish and overall look, across all locations. Some needed rebranding, other new branding.

The Solution

After we surveyed and completed the first hotel, an overall look was designed using selected materials and finishes. We worked together with the client to ensure their vision for the overall finish is achieved. After the first branding project, we were able to use this knowledge as a platform to roll out in other locations with ease and keeping to the same standard of finish. Each location was assessed by one of our Signage Consultants to ensure we have the correct sizing and fixings. Exterior signage also requires site surveys to determine what installation is possible.

The overall interior look was achieved by using a majority of acrylic signs on stand-off locators that in turn would match the selected colour palette. We used premium vinyl to achieve the sleek finish and compliment the detailed design. Where we forgo acrylic plaques we replaced it with brushed aluminium look to match the finish of the other hotels in the group.

For the exterior signs, Acrylic plaques or folded sign trays is used to blend into the building façade which gave us the opportunity to make the name stand out without being distracted by other elements. To ensure the building signs grab the attention of passerby’s, the signage is illuminated by trough lights. This was also used for projecting signs.




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The Result

A universal yet unique look was achieved for each location. Whether that is branding a new space or rebranding an existing hotel. The interior surfaces include walls, doors, desks and windows and were used as high-impact opportunities showcasing the company name, logo and information. And the key message is extended to the outside with identification signs and branded wayfinding signs. All this helped the client open new locations with more ease, knowing the hotels will be noticed and that the signage will match the quality of their service.