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Sixt signage​Sixt Rent-A-Car

Upholding Brand Guidelines at Multiple Locations

The Challenge

Sixt, a rapidly growing car rental business was looking for a signage partner that they could rely on to uphold their exacting brand standards, who they could trust to deliver on tight lead times and deliver to sites across the UK and Europe.

The Solution

The partnership with Sixt and FASTSIGNS was an easy fit. Both brands have a ‘can do’ attitude and FASTSIGNS capabilities helped Sixt to develop a level of trust in our service, early in the business relationship.

As Sixt operate over numerous locations, FASTSIGNS implemented a site survey process to help create a streamlined operation. At each site, a FASTSIGNS team member would ascertain the available fixtures, fittings and space and then utilise this information to provide a recommendation for the required signage.

The types of locations Sixt required branding for included multi-storey car parks, where large weather resistant wall graphics were installed. Along with stenciled bay parking indicators, to clearly define Sixt’s parking bays.

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At open-air car parks, free-standing aluminium composite signs on poles were driven into the ground. These signs were installed at a specific height to ensure enough clearance and visibility for the rental vehicles when parked. Large overhead signs were also used to indicate large numbers of parking bays. These panels were made from large sheets of aluminum composite then wrapped in vinyl to create a hard-wearing finish.

At indoor car rental booths in airports, internally lit built up letters were installed to easily attract the attention of travelers collecting their rental cars.

Across all of Sixt’s locations, be it offices, airport booths or carparks, the brand wanted to deliver a cohesive brand image. To achieve this FASTSIGNS used vinyl to wrap items such as tables, phones, walls and podiums in Sixt’s distinctive orange and black brand colours.

As much of Sixt’s business comes from car rentals at airports, they wanted to share their brand with the sky! At Heathrow Airport, FASTSIGNS produced an 8x15 meter banner that was installed on the roof of Sixt’s building, creating a branding opportunity as planes fly into land.

FASTSIGNS have also come to Sixt’s aide when preparing for events, branding anything from deck chairs to promotional umbrellas and gazebos.

The Result

FASTSIGNS is able to provide Sixt with a service that upholds their brand standards no matter the location or the available fixtures and fittings. The brand’s signage is prominent and stands out from other car rental companies, the signage produced by FASTSIGNS helps to showcase their brand in the best possible way.

The Facilities Manager for Sixt commented, “FASTSIGNS always live up to their name and continue to support our business at short notice. I would recommend FASTSIGNS to any company requiring branding or signage as they are always on top of the project and support you all the way to through any project.”