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Lambeth Academy


Taking inspiration from their partner school, Hurlingham Academy, the Lambeth Academy Headmaster wanted to introduce the same inspirational shields for their school.

Following this they also wanted to update the Drama School signage in line with the style of the older building and other signage along the premises.


The shields were created for the students, to help them identify with their houses and create a bigger sense of belonging. With this in mind we considered the size and positioning of the shields.

The shields were placed in a prime outdoor location which meant it had to be made from a durable material. We used aluminium cut to shape and powder coated to one colour with matt laminate and digital print to the front for the detail. The shields were fixed to the exterior wall with spacers to the back to allow it to stand off the wall which adds to the impact the shields have in the surrounding space.

This visual style was carried throughout the exterior and interior space. The shields were also displayed around the sports grounds by using PVC Mesh banners on the fences. This is the safest option, the mesh material allows wind to travel through the banner to avoid ripping.

In the interior space we decorated the stairwell with large full colour vinyl prints, applied directly to the glass.

In addition to the shields, we updated the school’s entrance sign to reflect the new branding and Headteacher information. This was achieved by overlaying the existing board with a full colour vinyl print. A successful solution for updating a sign.


A bright and friendly identity for both students and staff to relate to as well as show off the personality of the school to visitors and passerbys. The new signs give the school a fresh and up to date look, one that supports the professional and kind atmosphere you can expect from the educational facility.