Shadow Boards

What is a shadow board?

A shadow board is a tool storage system, often used in manufacturing or production facilities to house equipment when they are not in use.

What are the benefits of using shadow boards for businesses?

The benefit of using shadow boards in business helps to maintain order and keeps operations running smoothly. A shadow board creates a dedicated space for tools when they are not in use and makes it easier to identify when something is missing or out of place.

Different types of shadow boards

Shadow boards can be created to suit each businesses needs, whether they need to display tools, machine parts or cleaning equipment, each board can be created so it is fit for purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for shadow boards?

Tool Shadow Boards are usually made from 10mm PVC foam which provides a stable backdrop for stainless steel hooks to be attached, creating hanging space for lightweight manufacturing or cleaning tools. Customer logos, branding and tool spacing are then printed directly onto the substrate. A final laminated layer is then added to create a protected and hard wearing surface. Shadow Boards can either be affixed to walls or housed in fabricated steel frames. Depending on the tools housed on the shadow board, perspex casing can be added as an extra layer of security.

Are shadow boards suitable for storing heavy tools?

Shadow boards are suitable for housing lightweight manufacturing and cleaning items such as hammers, spanners and brushes. Tool boards can be developed to suit the requirements of the business, such as food manufacturing facilities which may use the same machine to produce different flavours of a food item. With each flavour change the piping tools will be changed to ensure the integrity of the product. When the pipes are not in use the shadow tool board provides a tidy, safe and manageable place for items to be stored. Shadow boards are perfect for storing all kinds of workplace equipment, effectively organising your work space. For more information on how shadow boards can simplify your workplace, check out our recent article.

Can shadow boards be mobile?

Yes, tool shadow boards can be affixed to stainless steel frames mounted on castors, allowing the shadow board to be mobile within a manufacturing facility.

What sizes do shadow boards come in?

Shadow boards can be created to any size. When consulting with a customer, FASTSIGNS signage specialists would visit the site and undertake a thorough survey and identify the most appropriate space for the tool shadow board to be located. FASTSIGNS production specialists would then develop the board to the exact size specifications of the available space.

How long do shadow boards last?

Shadow boards are designed to last. Depending on the environment it is stored in and the customer's use, we would estimate that a shadow board should last between 7 and 10 years.

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