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Enhancing Brand Presence for Piri Fino with Innovative Signage Solutions

The Challenge

Piri Fino, a growing Portuguese restaurant chain, launched its latest eatery in Great Barr, Birmingham. Ahead of the opening, the restaurant required a signage solution to help brand the location and create visuals that would support the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant.

The Solution

Adhering to the strict brand guidelines of the Piri Fino brand was paramount for the restaurant's launch. For the exterior building signage, FASTSIGNS® recommend built-up illuminated lettering, affixed to the building's fascia board. The internal LED illumination features, positioned above the entrance to the building, provide illumination for customers approaching the venue and assist the visibility of the eatery, in any light.

For the internal signage, the initial request for wall coverings was to use a wallpaper finish, however, FASTSIGNS raised concerns about potential staining from food exposure. As a solution, FASTSIGNS recommended using high-tack wall vinyl as an alternative wall covering. Highlighting its ease of cleaning and maintenance, which are beneficial features in a dining setting. The client was impressed with the suggestion and decided to implement vinyl for all new Piri Fino openings.

At the time of installation, the restaurant was busy readying the venue for its opening night, with contractors such as electricians and decorators still on site. To apply the chosen vinyl, FASTSIGNS advised on an appropriate paint curing time before installing the internal vinyl to ensure optimum adhesion. The customer appreciated FASTSIGNS knowledge and guidance, trusting that as signage experts the recommendation was the correct strategy. FASTSIGNS communication on this helped to manage expectations and help plan time scales accordingly.

The Result

The client was thrilled with both the quality of the product and the level of service provided. The signage not only met, but exceeded Piri Fino' expectations, leading to an immediate discussion of two additional projects with the Piri Fino Chain.

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