Case Study: ACT Development

Elevating Brand Presence: Innovative Hoarding Signage Solution

The Challenge

In response to Act Development's ongoing collaboration, the task of refreshing their hoarding signs across multiple sites presented an opportunity to infuse their brand identity with creativity and distinction. They approached us with a specific vision and transformed it into a unique representation of their brand.

The Solution

Our solution entailed the use of dark grey aluminium composite hoarding panels which we then adorned with meticulously crafted vinyl graphics. To inject a touch of sophistication and intrigue, we opted for brushed copper vinyl, adding a dynamic element to the overall aesthetic.

Yet, we didn't stop there. Recognizing the importance of standing out in a crowded urban landscape, our production manager embarked on a creative journey to make these hoarding panels truly unforgettable. Introducing three-dimensional birds in flight, strategically positioned across the panels to create a captivating visual narrative. Crafted from durable black Foamex panels and adorned with mirror effect vinyl on their surfaces, these avian accents added depth and character to the signage, ensuring they would be impossible to overlook.

The Result

A perfect mix of creativity and usefulness, making hoarding signs that do their job well and also proudly represent Act Development's top-quality brand.

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