GMI Construction

Collaborative Creation of Student Accommodation Signage

The Challenge

GMI Construction was the building developer for a new student accommodation complex. The complex consisted of four blocks, each with varying floor levels. To ensure each building was easily navigable, had aesthetic appeal and complied with the newly introduced Fire Safety Regulations for multi-dwelling buildings, GMI Construction required a comprehensive wayfinding signage system, that would seamlessly integrate with the architecture and interior design of the buildings.

The Solution

With a variable timeframe for each building’s completion, FASTSIGNS recommended agreeing on a ‘look and feel’ for how the finished signage would appear. FASTSIGNS worked with GMI Construction as an intermediary to the building’s ownership team, with FASTSIGNS providing full-size examples of signage solutions. These samples showcased a variety of materials and finishing options.

Once the highly legible design appearance of a white, black and brown colour pallet was decided on by all parties, wayfinding plans were drawn up for each of the four buildings before any work on the signage production began.

FASTSIGNS signage experts undertook the site surveys at each building. This process identified the strategic location for all signage required throughout each building’s footprint. The site visits dictated the need for a signage solution that included building identification signage, post and panel directional signage, floor identification signs with corresponding room door numbers, amenity signage, informational signage in hallways and lifts, window graphics, and privacy films.

Once the signs were produced, FASTSIGNS accommodated the variable completion times of painting and finishing work, which were all finalised at different stages for each block. To overcome these challenges, FASTSIGNS continuously liaised with GMI Construction to accommodate changing schedules and ensure the project's success.

The finished results unite the four buildings. The design elements help create the desired high-quality aesthetic and visibility showcasing that the accommodation complexes are all controlled by the same operating entity. The signage prioritises navigation and the safety of the students living in the accommodation.

The Result

FASTSIGNS® helped to deliver a vehicle livery for their customer that injected personality, whilst also acting as an effective promotional tool for the business. The vans now appear modern, eye-catching, and unmistakably part of a brand. Adding a fun element to their branding helps to ensure that when the public sees one of the vans, it’s always just a little different.

*This project was completed by FASTSIGNS of Leeds.

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