Ultra Maritime

Navigating the Sea of Branding Change

The Challenge

Ultra Maritime, a leading defence manufacturer, required the introduction of a refreshed brand identity that would represent stability to stakeholders. New signage was required throughout their multiple facilities, designed to reflect their new branding.

The Solution

Taking into consideration the client's concerns about budget and with timing being of the essence, FASTSIGNS® proposed a strategic phased installation plan. This approach allowed for a manageable budget allocation and gave Ultra Maritime the necessary time to obtain the approvals they needed throughout each installation phase.

In the design phase, FASTSIGNS suggested evolving the brand’s colour palette, incorporating more of the light blue Pantone rather than the grey Pantone which had been key to the previous brand’s colour palette. This created a subtle but noticeable change from the previous administration - a recommendation which was welcomed by the customer.

The rebranding project encompassed both interior and exterior signage. For the exterior of the building, FASTSIGNS recommended two large sign trays, which made the building instantly identifiable. Other exterior signs included wayfinding signage, directing visitors to key areas of the site, as well as informational signs that assist processes such as goods in and goods out. To maintain a safe working environment for staff and visitors, essential health and safety signs were placed around the grounds of Ultra Maritime’s buildings, reflecting the new branding while ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Interior signs included a variety of wall graphics outlining company motos, vision and mission objectives, as well as underpinning the brand purpose. A highlight of the signage installed is a large floor-to-ceiling wall graphic of a submarine emerging from the ocean. The graphic is so immersive, in its setting, that staff comment that it feels as though the submarine is coming out of the wall.

The Result

FASTSIGNS helped Ultra Maritime to refresh and revitalise their brand presence on budget and in timeframe required. The new signage effectively communicates the company's updated identity and values, both internally and externally, with a strong unified brand.

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