Manchester Metropolitan University

Depicting the Past Through Signs and Graphics

Practical Signage Delivers on Experience

The Challenge

Manchester Metropolitan University was looking to upgrade its wayfinding and site identification signage across seven sites, within its estate.

The Solution

Having been awarded the job following a tender process, FASTSIGNS® identified a need for over 900 signs across the total estate. FASTSIGNS installed a variety of signage including exterior building signs. Aluminium letters showcasing the name of buildings were produced using a uniform and highly legible font and installed above building entranceways.

Practical Signage Delivers on Experience

A comprehensive package of wayfinding signage was produced and included a variety of informational signs, that when used in combination, helped the university patrons to achieve the best experience of the large campus and its many buildings. The signage provided includes information such as lift directories, door identifications, and pictorial representations of facilities such as stairwells and bathrooms. Overhead signage was also incorporated to help boost visibility at distances and make the most of the visual horizon in corridors.

FASTSIGNS also recommended utilising wall graphics made from vinyl and clear acrylic panels where space was permitted to provide information alongside appropriate imagery for specific university departments. At the time of winning the tender, FASTSIGNS had just 6 weeks to produce and install over 900 signs, across an expansive campus.

Practical Signage Delivers on Experience

The Result

FASTSIGNS was able to deliver and install a comprehensive wayfinding solution that helps make the university campus easy to navigate and usable, helping to ensure that students and teaching staff can reach their destination easily and without delay.

Practical Signage Delivers on Experience

*This project was completed by FASTSIGNS of Manchester.

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