Carrs Pasties

Perfect Pastry Delight Expands Brand.

The Challenge:

Bolton-based food manufacturer, Carrs Pasties has historically focused its attentions on the North-West. In 2023, one of its objectives was to expand its business through a reseller model, selling its pastry-based products via intermediaries, operating from convenience stores and petrol stations, in key UK cities, helping its brand achieve national recognition. Carrs also wanted to strengthen its brand presence in each established territory, through new sites requiring statement graphics.

The Solution:

Carrs Pasties approached the signage expert team at FASTSIGNS® to assist them with both projects.

To achieve their reseller growth aspiration, FASTSIGNS undertook dozens of site surveys across the UK, stretching from Cumbria to South Wales. At each site, the signage opportunities in petrol stations, convenience stores and newsagents were reviewed, allowing FASTSIGNS to collate a catalogue of possible signage solutions, that could be installed within existing retail sites. This catalogue included bollard covers, window graphics, sign trays, pavement signs and magnetic branded pie-warmer packets.

This last signage item; the branded pie warmers were developed through consultation with the owners, who expressed an idea to FASTSIGNS, who developed the concept into a packaging innovation for the brand.

Keen to bolster their presence in their established northern territory, Carrs took on a new flagship store at the Millbrook Retail Park. Their chosen site is situated next to a nationally established bakery so they knew their signage had to wow.

FASTSIGNS made an impact by recommending exterior signage, made from a sign tray coated in their brand’s bright yellow colour pallet. Illuminated built-up letters were then affixed to the tray, creating unmissable branding which wrapped around the entire building. The illumination features also allow the store to be identified in any light. Projecting signs and window graphics were also installed to ensure that the site made a statement about the retail park.

The finished result was so impactful, that this project took first place in the FASTSIGNS UK’s annual Project of the Year awards category, in 2023.

The Result:

For the work on the reseller model, FASTSIGNS has helped Carr’s Pasties to extend their brand outside of their heartland, delivering new signage as resellers on board and refreshing signage at existing reseller sites. This activity increased Carr’s Pasties sales and turnover by approximately 20% at the time of writing. The branding project at their Millbrook Retail Park establishment has ensured that the outlet commands its environment and attracts customers to sample their pastry-based wares and products.

*This project was completed by FASTSIGNS Bolton.

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