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Signage to Build Company Culture.

Signage to Build Company Culture

The Challenge:

After welcoming a new parent company, kitchen work surface eCommerce retailer, Direct Online Sales has firmly set its sights on future expansion. They wanted to create a customer-centric culture in the workplace and required signage to help embed their operation expectation within their fixtures and fittings.

The Solution:

Online Direct Services had a clear understanding of the message they wished to share with their team members. Their ‘Rules of the Game’ manifesto clearly outlined the vision for the future of the business and how each member of staff could help them work towards it, through exemplary conduct. FASTSIGNS worked with Direct Online Sales to ensure that their messaging was clearly showcased throughout their warehouses, offices and showrooms.

Signage to Build Company Culture.

This continuity was achieved through signage solutions that clearly depicted key messages such as ‘Make Things Happen’ and ‘Safely and Sustainably’ in location-specific signage applications. In warehouses, overhead banners and racking banners ensured message penetration. In offices and showrooms, the same messages were delivered using wall graphics. This message saturation is helping to ensure that all 270 members of staff understand the business’ core drivers for its service capabilities.

As part of this signage project, FASTSIGNS installed site identifications and promotional brand signage to showcase the high-quality brands Direct Online Sales partners with and acts as the retailer for their products.

The Result:

The new signage has allowed Online Direct Solution to ensure that all of their team members can clearly align with their company's culture. This helps business leaders to more easily communicate their direction for future expansion and ensures all staff understand what is expected of them in their job roles.

Signage to Build Company Culture.

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