Built Up Letters

Built upletters are a type of dimensional letter that provide an impactful part of a visual communication solution for any business, organisation or outlet. Custom made built up letters are designed and installed by FASTSIGNS and will help you accomplish your visual communication challenges.

How are they constructed?

Built up letters are graphic pieces that are three-dimensional and can often have types of illumination within or can be backlit. Built up letters can include numbers, characters, letter and more to create an overall branded statement. The individual letter components can be constructed of various materials including acrylic and aluminium sheeting in many colours, sizes and fonts due to their flexible nature. They can also be face illuminated or reverse illuminated, sometimes non illuminated. Here are a few examples:

  1. Face Illuminated Built Up Letters

These common types of built up letters are build to ensure that light comes through an acrylic piece in the letters that is translucent. They can easily attract attention as they are large and simple to read at any time of day. They enhance a building and make your business or brand stand out.

  1. Reverse Illuminated Built Up Letters

These types of built up letters have several names that also include halo built up letters or backlit built up letters. Similar to the name, the lighting effect makes them look as if they are floating off of the wall. Installers use spacers to create a halo type glow around each of the letters - an application that enhances the professionalism of the sign. They are often constructed from aluminium, stainless steel or other metals.

  1. Combination-Lit or Front/Back Lit Built Up Letters

These types of dimensional letters that use a combination of front and back lit can take a sign to another level with a wow-factor. They also enable you to incorporate a variety of colours so there is a distinct difference between the front with a glow and the backlighting that has a halo effect.

What do they accomplish?

  1. Create Awareness

This product can help wow both customers and prospects, building awareness of your company or organisation for anyone who passes or drives by. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with the right visual communication solution.

  1. Make Your Business or Organisation Easily Recognisable

Having built up letter on the exterior of your building shows that your brand is committed to being seen. A beautiful built up sign can put your name in lights and ensures that your business can be seen at any time of the day or night. Whether you’re going with a halo-lit or back-lit design, your sign is sure to have an impact, helping you to capture attention and attract customers to your door. Your branding communicates a message daily, so why not use built up letters to get the recognition your business deserves.

Research Before You Select Built Up Letters

FASTSIGNS can help you with the research phase of purchasing built up letters. Permitting and coordination with the local landlord can assist with any requirements for this type of signage. Our sign experts can help you figure out the best way to invest funds so you have the highest-quality sign that will last over the long-term.

We offer a variety of built up letter types that are part of your overall visual communications plan to reach more customers, boost awareness and truly grow your business. Built up letters are just one of the many exterior sign options that can set your business apart from your competitors and help drive business directly to your door.

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