How Signs Can Help Small to Medium Enterprises.

Author: FASTSIGNS® Southampton

Have you ever wondered about the power that effective signage can have for small to medium enterprises?

It’s interesting how great signage can help SME’s deliver all of their businesses key information to its customers. Signage can be used in a variety of ways to harness an SME’s brand and visually display its core values and culture, share news about products and services, utilise its logo, colour palette and fonts to create awareness and evoke or reflect a feeling, share safety information and guide people to and around their business facilities.

Every business will have an identity that it needs to visually portray to its customers; displaying their visual assets through signage helps SME’s to educate their existing and potential customers about the business, its location and informs them about product and service offerings in a professional and memorable way.

Signs educate and provide information, by utilising them, SME’s can showcase what makes them different from their competitors. Signs will help their customers to identify and distinguish their business from another. The more frequently customers see signage that portrays a business’s visual assets, the more likely these customers are to recall the brand when they require it. Signage has helped keep brands at the top of the customers mind.

Every business is unique and has its own stories. Signage can help businesses tell that story effectively, providing an edge that makes a business stand out from the crowd as they strive to develop a competitive edge in any industry.

Signs are the best way to express the vision you want to communicate to your end users. Use large exterior business signs to tell customers about your business location, or add to a customers’ user experience of your facility with clear directional signage. Ensure people remain safe whilst visiting your business with a suite of safety signage. Promote new products and services with promotional signs and point of sale literatures. Make signs the vehicle your small to medium enterprise uses to communicate the ideas and concepts you want to put out there.

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FASTSIGNS® Southampton can deliver all of these signs and more, our comprehensive customer solutions allow us to work with our customers to understand their signage requirements. We aim to create signs and visuals that help our customers achieve their goals within their required budget and project needs. We specialise in producing signs that help other SME’s innovate and create a beautiful aesthetic and most importantly, deliver information. All of these can be captured in a bespoke sign that communicates the businesses unique story. At FASTSIGNS® Southampton we strive to capture all these in our visual solutions. Our signs help to inspire and motivate while creating the edge you need to stand out!


  • Boost your visibility
  • Convey information and educate
  • Help to promote a product or special event
  • Assist in directing and way finding
  • Raise safety awareness