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Author: Emily Heathcote

You know the old saying “It’s like watching paint dry”? Well? Is it any more interesting once it’s dry?? A blank wall is never going to inspire, enthral or captivate. It is amazing how effective well- thought out wall graphics can be at enhancing the mood and atmosphere in a room, as well as engaging the attention of on-lookers.

custom office wall graphic

The effectiveness of this colossal city scene enhances this bland and  mundane office space, creating an uplifting and exciting working environment.

custom wall graphic

Imagine entering a room, four plain walls and a couple of windows. Now imagine the difference even a few, strategically placed wall graphics could make. Adding a splash of colour to a bedroom, enhancing a school corridor with exciting educational content or reinforcing your brand image in your rented office space – wall graphics are an inexpensive way of creating your own, personalised wallpaper!

custom wall graphic

Our FASTSIGNS centres can create completely bespoke graphics - from simple directional signage to full blown, complex images of city skylines and scenery, spanning an enormous area of the room. Using a range of amazing materials, from high gloss to metallic and even glitter, we can work with you to create a unique concept and design – just let your imagination run wild!

custom wall graphic at school wall

FASTSIGNS offer signage, graphics and visual communications to enhance your environment and increase your business visibility. To learn more, visit our website

Graphics and Installations above by FASTSIGNS Leeds, FASTSIGNS Reading & FASTSIGNS Chelmsford

Wall graphics are a fantastic option to aid any business. Interior branding enhances customers’ visual representation of a company creating an interesting, more exciting, environment to entice potential new clients and sustain the loyalty of current ones.