How to Keep Green by Using Environmentally Friendly Signage

Author: FASTSIGNS® Enfield

For businesses who regularly use and update their signage, waste can start to cause concern.

Although we have many signs or banners that are reusable, for the most part, out of date print is thrown away.

Using environmentally friendly and sustainable signs is a great way to promote a business while simultaneously enhancing your brand and helping the environment.

Thankfully, we have many signage options available that can do that job. Check out some Eco Friendly Boards and Papers!

1) Eco Board

standard eco board

Environmentally friendly - 100% fibre-based board. Resistant to water, it is perfect for temporary internal and external signage.

FSC© certified.

2) Excellent Eco Board

excellent eco board

The perfect display board for Eco Friendly indoor signage!  This 100% fibre-based, smooth board with a clean white core provides an ideal recyclable alternative to plastics such as foam PVC.

FSC© certified.

3) White Carton Board

white carton board

A double-coated, high bulk, high white carton board, approved for direct food contact. It has a white reverse and is suitable for pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetic products.

FSC© certified.

3) Recyclable Corrugated Board

recyclable corrugated board

A fully recyclable corrugated board. It has a white kaolin coated top surface receptive to printing ink, with either a brown or white reverse.

FSC© certified.

4) Cygnus High White

cygnus high white

A GC1, 200gsm virgin fibre liner with a crisp white reverse, suitable for high quality litho laminated packaging. It has high bulk and stiffness so is also suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging.

FSC© certified and fully recyclable.

5) Pearlescent Coated Paper

pearlescent coated paper

A beautiful range of pearlescent coated papers perfect for adding luxury to retail packaging, stationary and much more.

FSC® certified, available in 28 exquisite colours and suitable for all forms of printing and foil blocking.

6) Metallic effect Paper

metallic effect paper

A sensational range of metallic-effect coated papers perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to packaging, greetings cards and much more.

FSC® certified, available in 10 stunning colours and suitable for all forms of printing and foil blocking.