How Signage Can Help With Keeping Customers Safe While Shopping

Author: FASTSIGNS® Enfield

Ensuring customer safety while shopping is priority number one during an unprecedented dented time such as this.

Even with the public on high alert, practicing social distancing and only shopping when necessary, shops can still quickly become crowded and possibly unsafe at times for customers and for staff.

Maintaining social distancing both inside and outside stores is vital in the fight against coronavirus.

Here are some ways you can help customers while they visit your shop.

1) Hygiene signs

Best placed in toilets to help keep both staff and customers safe.

wash hands signageuse hand sanitizer signage

2) Entrance signs

Best placed at the entrance to your shop, reminding customers about social distancing before they walk into the shop.

social distancing signagesocial distancing signage

3) Floor signage

Place on the floor around the shop, between isles etc. Helping customers stay 2m apart while looking around the shop.

floor signage

yellow and red tapesyellow tapes

4) Wall distance markers

Placed on walls around the shop, serving as a reminder and a placeholder for social distancing

wall distance markers

5) Social distancing banners

Large banners placed outside stores letting customers know you are open and practicing social distancing measures.

social distancing banner