Discover Our Range of Pavements Signs

Author: FASTSIGNS® Kingston Upon Thames

Pavement Signs can expand your advertising reach at your physical location.

Being easily portable they can be a useful tool for wayfinding or a great way to pull in passing customers and let them know you’re open. With our range we’re sure to have a product that suits your needs.

Pavement Signs with Poster Inserts

Pavement signs with poster inserts are perfect for messaging that will be updated regularly such as special offers and seasonal advertisements.

Our durable paper prints are weather resistant and therefore suitable for short term use outdoors and so work excellently in our pavement signs. The prints can be swapped out with ease due a magnetic pocket that will hold your advertisement securely in place.

Blog Post Pic 1 Poster Inserts - Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs with Vinyl Graphics

Pavement Signs with Vinyl Graphics are perfect for messaging that will be used year round, and won’t need to be changed such as advertisements for core services or advisory warnings.

We use high quality vinyl and laminate suitable for long term external use to ensure your graphics stay looking fresh. Whilst these vinyl graphics can be replaced and new graphic can be installed it’s much more cost effective to choose a poster system if you are planning to change the graphics regularly.

Blog Post Pic 2 Vinyl Graphics - Pavement Signs

All styles mentioned above are available in a range of sizes.

Please email us at for a full pricelist.