How to Use Digital Signage Successfully in Education

Author: FASTSIGNS® York

Digital signage allows educational organisations, whether large or small, to present information to staff, students, parents or visitors, in an eye-catching way.

Digital Signage is helping change the way in which educational facilities communicate – it allows schools, colleges and universities to reach their students and staff with up to date, consistent and relevant messages, instantly.

Digital signage replaces static text and pictures with an eye-catching display that can incorporate moving images, video, TV, scrolling marquee text and highlighted messages to create an impact impossible to miss.

hallway with media gallery signage

Possible Uses

Universities, primary schools, secondary schools, night schools, colleges and any other educational organisation can use digital signage in a variety of ways including:

Digital Notice Boards

Digital Notice Boards are a great way to communicate with students and visitors alike. Display a wide range of media including live data feeds from Twitter, images, videos and much more. Perfect for keeping viewers informed about all the latest developments on campus.

Reception Displays

By using Education Reception Displays, information on the displays can be quickly and easily updated. Motivational messaging, timetables, academic achievements and other useful information are only a few of the multiple ways to use reception displays.

Digital Wayfinding

Help staff, students and visitors get to where they need to be with Digital Wayfinding. Interactive or static layouts can both be extremely effective in displaying location information, creating an engaging and informative experience for the user.

Video Wall

When one display’s not big enough, make an impact with a video wall solution. ‘Wow’ students and visitors a number of commercial grade displays or tiles that can be combined to create the ultimate video wall.

Allergy Information Boards

EU Regulations now require allergy information to be shown with any food that is sold. Digital Allergy Information Boards make it simple, with the ability to update multiple screens with an Excel spreadsheet.

Digital Menu Boards

Use Digital Menu Boards at the various food locations on campus easily to update and regularly change menu items helping to improve service, save on resource and print costs as well as increase sales by up to 50%.

Digital Signage - the Key to 21st Century Communication

Students today are digital natives. They've grown up with the web and internet, with smartphones and Wi-Fi, with YouTube and Instagram, and all the rest of the digital world that makes up the zeitgeist of today. Their approach to digital information is very different that of their parents or staff.

Indeed, because they are digital natives, getting information from screens is already second nature, so they want to take that information to a deeper level. They're going through changes, growing intellectually and emotionally as well as physically, and think the messages on screens can help them with that process. In a way, they want acknowledgement that those in control of the school and its communications understand them and what they’re going through on a daily basis. They want a positive, supportive environment and your digital signs can contribute to that.

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