Halliford School Building

Halliford School Rebranding Project

A Great Opportunity to Make a Big Impact With New Signage

When Halliford School, a Shepperton based independent school, approached us about a total rebrand we knew this was a great opportunity to make a big impact with new signage.

Halliford School Before & After Photos

The Challenge

Halliford School approached us with an enquiry for new signage after seeing the work we completed at Feltonfleet Preparatory School in Cobham. They were looking to rebrand. Their current signage was outdated and was no longer an accurate reflection of the school's image. It had been installed at different times and so the signage throughout the school varied in style.

They were looking to update all of their signage to consolidate their new brand image. It was imperative that all the signage we would provide followed the new brand guidelines and had a premium and a consistent look throughout the school. The signs would need to stand the test of time as well as being easy to replicate if a need for new signage arose in the future. Furthermore, this project needed to be completed by the start of the new school year.

Halliford School New Crest

The Solution

Chris Keegan worked closely with the school throughout this project to find the best product solution to suit their needs. To start the project Chris completed a site visit to discuss the details of what signage needed to be replaced and measure sizes for the new signage as we had not worked with the customer before.

Headmaster Sign

After putting together a quote for sign trays with a printed vinyl to the face we produced a sample to show what the finishing result would be. Chris met with the customer again. After considering the quote and seeing the sample, they decided that they liked the matte finish. However, they also had concerns with the vinyl being picked or peeled off around the edges over time and wanted the design to wrap completely around the tray.

Back to the drawing board!

Fortunately, Chris was able to provide the perfect solution. We produced another sample for the client and they loved it!

We supplied aluminium trays which were two-tone powder coated to give a full coverage design that matched their new colour palette. The other graphic elements were applied in vinyl. The signage was finished with a matt lacquer which sealed in all the graphics to give a seamless tamper-proof finish. We were able to produce this signage to bespoke sizes ranging from small to large meaning it was a versatile solution that could be used for any application need around the school. We also supplied post mounted aluminium entrance signs with the same finishings to welcome students, faculty and guests.

Philip Cottam Centre Sign

The Result

The new signage provided consistent branding throughout the school. It closely matched the brand guidelines to aid in a successful rebrand for Halliford School. The provided signage had a premium tamper proof finish which will be long wearing and look good for years to come. New directional signage improved wayfinding throughout the school. Additionally, we were able to produce and install the project in time for the beginning of the new school year.