Signage Ideas to Enhance Your School’s Environment

Author: FASTSIGNS® Kingston Upon Thames

Updating your school’s signs and graphics can have a massive positive impact on students, parents, teachers and visitors alike.

What types of signage could improve the environment of your school?

Brand Awareness & Wayfinding

Entrance Signs

Every school needs a welcome sign to let people know they have arrived at their destination. This can take the form of a post mounted sign or a sign affixed to the side of the building. Made out of durable aluminum composite, these signs look great and will give many years of service.

Directional signs and door plates can really make it easy for students and visitors to navigate around the school and find out where they are going easily.

We also provide Safety Signage to help you keep compliant with ever changing regulations. These signs can help keep your school a safer environment by providing clear guidance to school pupils, staff and visitors.

Minibus graphics are another innovative great way to communicate, particularly about upcoming events and get you noticed on the move in your local area.

School Décor


Bespoke decor can really make your school standout and enhance the pupil experience.  Surrounded by colourful, stimulating graphics will motivate your student and help them embrace school values. Through applications such as vinyl mural wall graphics and wall wordles we can we can turn distinctive creative design ideas into reality. Canvas and acrylic prints make stunning photographic displays to showcase students work and achievements.

Event Signage

Pullup-BannersLet people know about your upcoming events such as open days, fairs & fundraisers. We can supply Banners and Pull up Banners as well as flyers and posters to get the word out about your upcoming events.

We are also able to supply branded lockable notice boards and poster cases, providing an easy but secure way to display temporary information & notices for upcoming events.

We offer bespoke design, production and installation services our sales team can guide you through each step making the process easy for you.

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