Map on the wall

Inglehurst Junior School

Inglehurst Junior School Needed to Complete Two Projects.

The Challenge:

First, Inglehurst Junior School was looking for a solution to convey learning based on the subject of space. The images needed to illustrate the expanse of space and how technology has been used to overcome the challenges of space.

Second, they were in the process of renovating their Special Educational Needs department. They were looking for a solution to brighten up and inform the pupils with child/special needs, using a world map illustration to reinforce areas of the world that they had focused on. The map needed to be functional, child friendly, and fit within the space provided.

The Solution

The first stage: Space walls
Illustrations of great astronauts were shown with famous quotes along the stairs including statements on each step, reinforcing what the pupils learnt on the topic. A more fun and less serious angle was realized with converting a large exterior door into Dr Who’s Tardis. We integrated their domed acrylic windows into the solution to look as if they were portholes. This gave an illusion of being transported into another world. Also, we incorporated aluminum ducting pipe – a cost effective yet visually pleasing solution which also has a fire rating. The pipe was attached to the wall and fed in and out of the wall giving the illusion of being in a space craft.

The second stage: World Map
Inglehurst Junior School had a brief idea of what they were looking for but needed guidance from us on the best course of action to be taken. We found a basic world map and tailored it to the school’s needs by adding and highlighting points of interest like countries, rivers, mountains, seas or volcanoes.

Map on the wall Map on the wall Window
Window Stairs & blue door Blast off
Blast off in stairwell Picture of galaxy on the wall Galaxy room
Great Astronauts Stairs Stairs
Stairs Picture of planet on the wall Rocket
Stairs Lock 3 door

The Result

The first stage: Space walls
As Inglehurst Junior School is located in an Edwardian building, the Space walls were situated in a stair well which is also a fire route. It was imperative that the solutions used had a fire rating as no paper products could be used. The final work transformed a plain stairwell into an image showcase that passively reinforced learning from the classroom. Materials used included aluminium composite panels, vinyl and acrylics.

The second stage: World Map
The final product turned a plain walkway into a child-friendly, informative design which reinforced their curriculum and also allows the pupils to independently learn from the Map.