Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Multipurpose Wayfinding Signage for Educational Organisations

Author: FASTSIGNS® Sheffield and Chesterfield Centre

Imagine trying to organise a party with over 200 guests that all have different perspectives and requirements. That’s the task that is faced by every Educational Organisation on a daily basis.

The Clock is Ticking!!

Imagine trying to organise a party with over 200 guests that all have different perspectives and requirements. That’s the task that is faced by every Educational Organisation on a daily basis. Now imagine that you have to separate these party goers into smaller groups and navigate them to different areas at different times, whilst sticking to an overall time schedule. Each of these excitable individuals need to arrive at their designated destination, bang on time and know exactly how to get there promptly and safely.

Sounds impossible doesn’t it? But that’s where FASTSIGNS® Sheffield and Chesterfield Centre can help.

Take the Right Path.

Before you can organise getting people to the right places within your school, college or university, you have to actually get them there first! Clear, attractive external signage should be the first thing that people see when approaching your premises. It should reflect the image you want to portray and of course, state the obvious, “We’re right here, come on in!” Post or wall mounted signs, built up lettering and plaques, all help to make eye catching signage that creates impact and increases your locations findability.

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Studies have shown that making your location easy to find makes it far more likely that your staff, students and visitors will arrive in a calm and positive frame of mind. But it shouldn’t end there. Well defined parking areas, including facilities for disabled parking, sign posts that indicate the way to a specific building or department as well as helping you to locate the nearest entrance, all enhance the overall visiting/attending experience.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

I’ll always remember my first day at big school, that feeling of being small, unsure and totally overwhelmed by my surroundings. When considering your internal signage it’s always important to consider how your wayfinding signs, helps your students and even new staff, who may be feeling the same way. A simple and effective method is to consider a colour coded system, a practice that many hospitals also employ, to direct people to the correct areas with the minimum amount of stress. Colour coded wall or floor graphics which lead to a specific department, for example, red for Maths, green for Science and so on and then corresponding colour keys on the wall and above the relevant doors, can make navigating your way around a strange building, child’s play! You can even let your creative imagination run wild. Identify specifics rooms using door/windows graphics or why not turn the corridor that leads to the Art Department into the Yellow Brick Road? I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto!

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On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!!!

Your colour coding can even be extended back out to your outdoor facilities. Carefully positioned permanent or temporary signs can lead students to the correct sports hall, event or field, show them how to get to changing rooms or toilet blocks or indicate where to leave bikes to ensure they will be stored safely and securely. Signage that makes student aware of areas that are out of bounds, perhaps because of construction work or general repairs are also essential for making sure you can keep your premises a safe and productive environment.

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