Construction Sites Signage - What You Need

Author: Nik-Smith

What signage is required on construction sites?

Construction sites are hazardous places. They require a comprehensive suite of safety signage, which aims to keep staff and visitors on the site informed of any immediate risks and insures busy sites remain compliant.

Safety signage is a mandatory requirement on any construction site. The signage displayed must inform people of any risks and indicate the types of behaviours they should demonstrate to remain safe. Signage should also help people easily navigate the site in an orderly fashion. Directional and wayfinding signage should clearly mark features such as designated escape routes, fire assembly points and first aid posts. This type of signage should be clearly displayed in all areas of any construction site.

Wayfinding signage can also help keep your operation running smoothly, helping visitors, contractors and suppliers find their way to you. If your local council is in agreement, you could use freestanding metal framed signage or hoardings to indicate the approach to your site.

Depending on the site’s requirements, FASTSIGNS would assess your needs and may recommend using durable substrates such as Correx or aluminium composite when creating the physical signage.