The Challenge

Buck Biz owns three business centres, the comprising offices and industrial spaces are rented to other small business. As businesses have moved in and out over a period of ten years, they have done their ‘own thing’ with signage. The buildings visual appearance had become fragmented, dated and disorderly. Buck Biz wanted to restore order, update their branding and improve their wayfinding and directional signage in order to attract new tenants.

The Solution

Bucks Biz worked with FASTSIGNS to identify pain points within each of their three premises. Many tenants had complained that over the years as businesses vacated and new ones had moved into the rented offices, the wayfinding had become confusing for their customers and visitors. With previous agreements in place with current tenants that they could look after their own signage, it seemed difficult to change all of the signage in one go.

FASTSIGNS suggested a phasing programme that would take over 12 months to complete. FASTSIGNS would then provide top up work as old businesses vacated office spaces.

The most pressing issue was the disorganised wayfinding system. FASTSIGNS implemented a colour coded system, that was devised to give each floor a designated colour helping visitors and staff to easily identify where they are in the buildings. Utilising Buck’s Biz’s branding feature and taking colours from their colour palette, acrylic hexagonal wayfinding signs were wrapped in vinyl, in each floors corresponding colour and were installed on walls and doors. Corresponding maps are also being installed to show the six coloured areas of each of the three business centres.

The next challenge was to update the exterior signage to deliver a modern visual aesthetic for the buildings, each building was renamed and made a prominent feature of the newly installed identification signs.

At Buck Biz’s flagship business centre, the ICentre, a 46” digital kiosk has been installed and is consistently updated with animated informational messages from Buck’s Biz and the other tenant businesses.

To help Buck’s Biz achieve greater recognition in their local area, FASTSIGNS suggested taking their message to the road and wrapped a vehicle for them, enabling them to share their branding in their local area.

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The Result

Although this project is ongoing, the initial changes to the three business centres have had a positive effect and promotes a new professional image. These changes have attracted new businesses to the centres with office space lets consistently increasing.