FASTSIGNS® Gloucester Offers Solutions to Residential Care Home

Author: FASTSIGNS® Gloucester

Person-centred care puts the focus on the individual being cared for. For the most part this will centre around interactions with caregivers, but visual communications can also play an important part in creating a comfortable and engaging environment.

1. Personalise

Offering small personal touches that are unique to each resident can help to make the transition into a new home as stress free as possible. Working with Coate Water Care at their Chapel House Care Home we created colourful vinyl wraps for the previously indistinguishable wooden doors. Residents were invited to choose what colour they wanted their doors to be to enhance recognition.

2. Wayfinding

Helping residents feel at ease in their surroundings can be helped enormously by user-friendly signage. Clear, high contrast signage with a legible typeface and icons to aid recognition can help residents feel confident navigating around their environment. Simple things like being able to independently find the toilet, for example, can help to prevent unneccessary embarrassment and help residents maintain their dignity and sense of independence.

3. Decorative

The benefits of nature inspired design have been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. These vinyl lift wraps produced for Lilian Faithfull Care at their St. Faith’s home show bright, natural landscapes which cheer up the otherwise grey lift doors. Besides the aesthetic consideration these lift wraps also work to dissuade residents from trying to use the lifts and so offer an additional level of protection.

wall graphics

elevator graphics

van wrap

4. Get Noticed

External signage can act as one of the most powerful marketing tools. First impressions count, so ensuring that signage accurately reflects the quality of care that can be provided is key. At FASTSIGNS® Gloucester we offer a wide range of quality signage solutions to suit all styles and budgets to ensure that you get noticed for all the right reasons.

5. Out and About

The benefits of branding vehicles are numerous whether they are out and about in the community, offering home care solutions or traveling between multiple sites, vehicles with company branding are a great way to raise A Care Home's profile, locally. Vehicle graphics are a cost-effective advertising solution when compared to traditional forms of advertising like newspaper or radio advertising. Get out and about and get noticed!

6. Engage

Events can be a great way of engaging with a local community and developing a positive reputation, locally. A coffee morning or summer fayre, advertised with a simple roadside banner, can help to raise A Care Home's local profile in its area and can also help to break down any perceived barriers with potential users, friends and family. Banners are a fantastic, cost effective way to promote your event, advertise your services or even advertise for new staff!