How signage can help to grow your Business

Author: FASTSIGNS® Northampton

Visual displays and signs are used to provide information to or persuade your audience to purchase. They can be created in a whole host of different materials, sizes and colours. As signs can be used for so many different things they’re a great option to incorporate into your business, but why should you consider signage an important part of your business?

When purchasing signs for your business you may just need to get a simple message or piece of information out to your customers but if your sign is well designed it can do so much more than that!

Bringing in customers

A business is able to showcase and highlight its product or services through signage and therefore encourage customers to come inside and browse. If a business boasts a well made professional sign it can set the brand apart from its competitors as well as appearing more trustworthy.

Strengthening branding

A well-made sign can act as a way to amplify a company's sense of identity and brand values. When a sign features a company logo or other identifiable branding elements this can bring a cohesive look and aid in developing a strong and unified brand identity that customers will remember.

Providing information

Signs can also be utilised as a way to inform customers of important information relating to your business such as opening hours, contact details and relevant product information. This can result in customers having a better understanding of the business and its products so that they can make more informed decisions and have greater faith in the goods or services provided.

Improving wayfinding

Signage can be beneficial to customers as this can be used to guide them around the store or commercial space, arrow signs or clear paths around the store can also ensure that customers walk past and view all of the products on display which could increase their likelihood to purchase. Directional signage in a store can also improve customer satisfaction and lessen annoyance if the tills and specific departments are clearly identifiable.

Improving security

Signage can be used to warn customers of possible risks or provide safety recommendations, this was most prominent during the peak of COVID-19 where businesses encouraged social distancing, but can also be utilised in the form of wet floor signage, mind your head stickers for low ceilings and other minor hazards a customer may encounter in your store. This lessens the likelihood of mishaps or injuries and therefore ensures happier customers.


Signage can also be utilised as a great marketing tool for your business. Signs draw attention to your business and a professional looking sign can ensure that customers view your business as trustworthy and reliable. If your business is mobile then a great way to market your product or service offering is through vehicle graphics, these not only make your business appear well founded but will also market to potential customers as you are driving to and from jobs.

Should a business utilise signage?

Overall, Signage may be a useful tool for companies looking to draw in new clients, build brand recognition, and enhance the customer experience.

Depending on your needs and aims, you should make the decision to employ signs or not. But most of the time, investing in signs will be beneficial for a company. A well-made sign may aid a firm in attracting clients, enhancing its brand, and informing clients of crucial information. Additionally, by enhancing navigation and boosting safety, signage may contribute to a better customer experience. In the end, a business's unique objectives and budget should determine whether or not to utilise signs, although in many circumstances, it may be a wise investment. For a quote and more information on what signage will work best for you, contact the experts here at FASTSIGNS® Northampton.