Gtech case study

About Gtech

Gtech is a British company that works in designing and manufacturing a range of cordless home and garden appliances. The brand was founded in 2001 by Nick Grey and has since expanded from his garage to a large office space. We were approached by the brand to produce a large foam board sign for the interior of the site and multiple wayfinding signs for the exterior.

The Challenge

Due to the size of the site, Gtech needed signage to direct traffic and therefore needed the signage to be large enough to read from far away. In order to create these signs we used a large 4m x 2m ACM (aluminium composite material) panel and due to the size, our printer was not large enough to be able to print the design in one solid sheet to apply. The signs featured the striking green colour used by Gtech in all of their branding. The signs also required radius corners in which we took each of the corners and cut them to ensure these were rounded. Gtech also required an interior sign which we created using a foamex board as this did not need to withstand the elements as much as the exterior signs did.

GTech case study

The Solution

As the printer was not wide enough for one solid print the signage was produced with a range of techniques. We mixed printed vinyl and cut vinyl for the text to provide the overall effect. Due to the size and amount of signage that was required, this job took up a large amount of space on our workbench; the signs were only briefly stored upright until all of the signage had been produced. But to avoid any potential peeling that may have come from the signage being stored upright whilst drying we made the decision to store the signage placed on top of the workbench until we took them for Installation.

GTech Case Study

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