What to consider before getting vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise your business while you work, they help to increase business credibility, professionalism and reach a wider audience.

If you think vehicle graphics would be a good fit for your brand or you need to brand your whole fleet there are some important points to consider. Before deciding whether or not to invest in vehicle graphics for your business it is important that you know what to expect and some top tips for designing your vehicle graphics.

Know your message

What are you trying to tell your customers? It is important that you know what message you are trying to get across, what do you want them to remember about you? While Vehicle Graphics are not permanent they may not be the place to advertise any prices or special offers as this information may be subject to regular change. Overall, it is important to pick your information carefully and not waste space with any unnecessary elements as this could draw attention away from what you want people to see.

Knowing your budget

It is important that you know your budget and tailor your design to this. Larger vehicles with more complex designs will come at a higher cost than a small van with a simple design. Understanding what you can get for your budget is something to be discussed with the experts at FASTSIGNS Northampton to ensure that your design and budget can work together to result in a high quality outcome.

What to do before you arrive

Before arriving to have your vehicle graphics applied we do request that your van is as free of dirt and debris as possible. We understand that, especially during the winter, this cannot be entirely avoided but washing your van the evening before installation will allow our experts to get straight to work and not spend any extra time than necessary cleaning the surface to ensure that the vinyl adheres correctly. The cleaner the surface the smoother the application!

Choosing your Design

It is important to consider the design that you require for the graphic, as vans and cars have limited available space and there is minimal room for excess information. You also want to ensure that any text that you are applying to the vehicle is large enough to be legible from a distance or you will miss out on many advertising opportunities and potential customers. The most important information to include consists of:

  • Your logo, brand name and tagline
  • Service offering
  • Contact information
  • Call to action

Customers need to know who you are, what you can do for them and how to contact you so ensuring that these elements are made clear to anyone who looks at your vehicle is vital. Keep your graphics simple and don’t clutter the space with extra information that could distract people away from what is important.

Match Your Branding

A key part of adding graphics to your vehicle is ensuring that you will be recognizable, without this what is the point in investing in this form of advertising. This is why it is important to develop a clear brand image and follow this through your design. Staying consistent with your logo and brand colours will ensure that customers can follow a cohesive journey and identify your brand easier. Think of Mcdonalds for example, all anyone needs to see are those golden arches and they instantly know the brand, that is what cohesive branding could do for you.

The Aftercare

As with all good things vehicle graphics need looking after. The brushes used in standard car washes can damage the finish of the graphics and pressure washing can cause the edges to peel. So, in order to ensure that your graphics last we recommend washing with a soft sponge and good quality non-detergent soap to make the most out of your vehicle graphics.

Want to know more about Vehicle Graphics or thinking about how they would work for you and your business? Contact us at FASTSIGNS Northampton on 01604 422650 or request a quote for more information.