Elson Community Library

Elson Community Library

Sometimes there’s an added emotional motivation with our work...and the Elson Library Project was certainly one of those jobs.

Like in so many areas, libraries around the Portsmouth region were being closed by local councils - the Elson Library in Gosport being one.

A group of volunteers refused to see this great asset to the area be taken away - so with the determination and dedication of these volunteers, led by Chair Jan Almond, the library was completely refurbished and reopened on May 12th 2021. An amazing achievement.

To complete the renovation, FASTSIGNS® Portsmouth were brought in to provide and install all the new interior and exterior signage for the newly named, Elson Community Library and Hub.

“This project was, and is, extremely important to me and the rest of the community. Not only did we want to keep the library open, but we also wanted to open with new improvements to the centre to encourage even more use of this fantastic resource. A big thing for me was to actively encourage more children to use the library so we created a lovely section dedicated to our younger visitors.

The signage was crucial to completing the project and we couldn’t have been happier with FASTSIGNS. Not only did the signs look great and were delivered on time, but the team were lovely to work with and they really cared about the project.” - Jan Almond - Chair, Elson Library

Children's Library

Jan and her committee have inspired other local communities and further libraries around Hampshire will be following in their footsteps as they plan to reopen over the coming months.

A fantastic project.