How Signage Can Boost Sales

Author: FASTSIGNS® Portsmouth

Signage is so powerful. It attracts attention, draws customers in, increases spending and helps customers remember your brand.

With carefully thought out signage that is targeted towards your customer’s journey and engagement with your brand, you can easily increase your revenue.

Here’s 5 ways you can increase sales just through signage

The First Impression

Neon restaurant sign by FASTSIGNS

Customers will make a judgment on your brand and business before they’ve stepped foot through the door. When they pass by they need to know straightaway, who you are as a business. They will ask themselves:

  • Do they offer what I’m looking for?

  • Do they look trustworthy and professional?

  • Does it look inviting?

  • Do I want to find out more?

Take a look at your current external signage and if the answer to all the above isn’t “yes”, you may want to consider an update.

Retail building signs by FASTSIGNSUtilise Outdoor Space

Grab potential customers’ attention by utilising all the space available to draw customers in. This could be a forecourt, pavement of overhead space.

These are all great locations for additional signage where you can reinforce your brand or promote something specific such as a product of special offer.

On Point Branding

building sign

First and foremost, make sure your brand accurately represents your business, your values and the benefits to your customers.

If you get this right, you will engage your target audience - they will understand what you do, identify with you and buy in what you can offer them.

Interior Promotions

Toll information POP stand

You’ve got customers through your door - now you want to maximise their spend with you.

Use signage to inform your customers of all the other great things you can offer them, be it discounted services, new products or benefits of joining loyalty programmes or memberships.

Well designed and well placed signage within your premises will give your customers more reasons to do business with you and to return.

Enhance Customer Experience

hendy info centre

Signage doesn’t have to necessarily solve a practical purpose by displaying information, it can be used to create a feel and an atmosphere.

Wall graphics are a great way of achieving this - display inspiring quotes or phases or decorate blank space with a design that suits your brand. This will create impact and your customers will leave with a positive impression of your business.

If you think it’s time to update your signage or add new signage to increase revenue, get in touch and we’ll happily go through options that will suit your business and budget.