Why Indoor Signage Is Just as Important as Outdoor Signage

Author: FASTSIGNS® Portsmouth

Businesses often don’t consider interior signage to be as important as exterior signage - as generally it’s the signage outside that will bring the customers in. And whilst useful, indoor signage isn’t always given as much attention as it should.

Lettering sign on wall


Why is interior signage important?

Of course it is true that exterior signage draws customers in, but the signage that appears throughout the interior of a business provides just as much value. Interior signage will:

  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Help customers navigate their way around
  • Provide important health and safety information to help customers feel safe within your establishment
  • Inform customers of any special offers or promotions you have
  • Provide attractive and interesting decorative features

All these factors will essentially improve your customers’ overall experience with you, drives more sales and increase the likelihood of customers returning and recommending you to others.

The different uses of interior signs

  • Informational signs - displays to provide important information such as opening times or health and safety notices
  • Identification signs - to identify essential facilities or zones such as toilets, waiting areas or fire meeting points
  • Directional signs - signs to help customers and visitors navigate around your building
  • Branding signs - displays to reinforce branding such as logos, taglines and colours

Types of interior signs

Wall graphics

Raised Letters luminated Signs

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