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When discussing signage costs with our customers we understand that a lot of decision making is dictated by the budget available.  This applies to both small start-ups just getting off the ground, and large corporations where the signage spend is part of a larger departmental budget. When it comes to signage, we encourage customers to think beyond the cost on the quote, and to think of the increased profile and revenue it will generate for their business.

Signage that pays for itself

Budgets are important as all businesses have to work within a structure to ensure they not only survive, but also grow over time. When considering the budget, consider how long will it take for the signage to pay for itself based on the potential increased revenue.  Once it’s paid for, and the revenue continues to be generated by the new signage, this benefit stops only when the signage becomes out of date in terms of content, style or condition (then you can get in touch and start the process all over again!)  I am not saying that a business should break the bank with an all-singing, all-dancing signage extravaganza but do consider your signage as an investment within your budget rather than as a expense.

A great example

It’s great to hear back from customers who have seen the rewards from investing in signage.  The Pink Ladies Cleaning Company is a small business  that had been operating for around 6 months when they came to FASTSIGNS® Manchester looking for help raising awareness of their services. Overall they wanted to grow their business and asked us to help design, produce and install some vinyl graphics for their van and some promotional flyers. They only spent a small amount with us, but to a business of their size, it was a substantial amount. A few months later they returned to us to purchase more flyers, explaining that they had made the cost of the new signage back in two weeks.  The increased visibility of their vehicle, and the brand presence the flyers had generated, caused the desired effect, increasing their clientbase in a shorter space of time than expected.  We help a lot of large, established, businesses but it is these moments,  when we get great feedback knowing we have helped a small business grow, that bring real job satisfaction.

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It’s not just about increased sales

If your aim  isn’t to sell but to  spread information, the concept of signage as an investment is also relevant.  If your signage is not giving accurate information you will need extra resources and staff in order to get this message to your visitors/users.  Efficient signage will reduce the need for additional staff members and  reduces the propensity to stick A4 paper all over walls to communicate dozens of smaller messages.

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Digital signage is ideal for this type of communication as it can convey large amounts of information in a small space. Digital screens are easily updated and the dynamic, animated content available allows for more eye catching messages than static signage can deliver.  Investing in signage that gets the right message, to the right place, at the right time is an investment in your visitor’s experience and could reduce your operating costs.

Digital signage is also a great example of where upfront costs are an investment.  Getting the right kit and a licence for the right content creation software will be more than you have been paying for static signage.  However, you will save on any future printing costs as you can remotely update the content as often as you’d like, at no extra cost.

How you can help

Be open about your budget.  When discussing a project, we ask customers what their budget is and often people are reticent.  Unfortunately, due to the unscrupulous nature of some people, the assumption is that if we’re told the budget is £1000, we’ll charge £999 for a £500 sign.  That is not my intention at all.  My intention is to get my customer the best possible sign for their budget.

If your business is in need of new signage, and you’re not sure where to start, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Nicky Metcalfe

FASTSIGNS® Manchester