Diva Makers

Diva Makers

Diva Makers is a salon based in Salford Shopping Centre, specialising in beauty, hair and nails.

As a new opening in the area, it was essential to attract customers and ensure they would be able to easily locate the salon. This led them to seek out signage companies in Manchester.


Whilst Diva Makers had a clear plan for their business, branding was lacking. They didn’t have a logo, and the retail unit they were moving into was essentially a white box fascia – a blank canvas for the brand to take shape.

To stand out on the high street and reflect the high standards of the salon opening inside, Diva Makers needed an end-to-end signage solution. They required a sign that protruded from the front, along with one displayed on the side of the building and rolling shutters.

However, with the budget limited and the owners based in Glasgow, it would be imperative to find signage companies in Manchester that could work around the cost and communication challenges of preparing the salon for opening.


Diva Makers requested a quote after finding FASTSIGNS® Manchester on Google. We conducted a free site survey to scope out their needs before delivering our recommendations within their budget.

Despite being undercut by a competitor, Diva Makers decided to go ahead with us. They were impressed with our approach, great communication skills and strong commitment from the start, and felt confident in our ability to do a great job.

We began by putting together concepts for the brand. One idea they thought of was to use a dark background with purple lettering in their signage. From experience, we advised against this, as we knew it wouldn’t be visually appealing in print format.

Instead, we presented them with some proofs in different colours that would not only suit their brand and the high quality it needed to convey, but would be tasteful and eye-catching in print. They loved one design in particular, which we carried across their signs and graphics.

We used aluminium composite flat panels for the main sign, as well as for the shutter box and on either side of the projecting sign. These were manufactured and installed in a short turnaround time; the whole project was completed in about one and a half weeks.


True to our name, we delivered a fast, effective solution, with a high-quality design that reflected the brand’s premium standards. Diva Makers were impressed at how supportive we were, along with our professionalism and organisation skills.

Having built a strong working relationship despite communicating over long distances, we are keeping in touch with the owners of Diva Makers. As their business moves from being new to established, they’re looking at collaborating with us to develop future ideas.