LIMA Networks

LIMA Networks is an IT consultancy firm that offers a full suite of technological support.

Companies often visit their premises for assistance. This, along with a company rebrand, led them to explore signage solutions from local companies, including FASTSIGNS® Manchester.


Following the rebrand, LIMA Networks cleared all their walls of old graphics, and wanted to make a fresh start with displays that reflected the new look. It wasn’t simply a case of replacing them – wayfinding had proven difficult with their previous signage.

Customers would be confused on arrival as there wasn’t a reception in the entrance – a buzzer system was in place, but it wasn’t clear you had to ring it to reach LIMA Networks. Once they figured out how to enter the building, visitors would often stand in the foyer perplexed – there wasn’t anything visibly on display to direct them to the company.

Within their office, the current reception sign was relatively hidden due to poor lighting. There also wasn’t anything to signpost each department in the open-plan layout. LIMA Networks needed a solution that would provide clear navigation throughout, whilst using quality materials for a cost-effective price.


We visited LIMA Networks so we could uncover the issues with the customer journey for ourselves. Navigating the building as a visitor would allowed us to create a solution that would adequately direct anyone who entered the building.

Various options were explored: we were initially asked to quote for aluminium box signage, though when they expressed concerns about a draught in the building, we advised them of 5mm foam PVC as the lightweight answer. This had the same durability and offered a more cohesive look as it could be directly printed on.

LIMA Networks Call Buzzer LIMA Networks

No detail was overlooked. For the buzzer, we considered a tent folded board that would instruct people to ring it. Ultimately, a vinyl sticker was decided on for a simple, effective solution.


LIMA Networks were won over by our close location, personability and offering of a clear, welcoming solution at the best value for money. We moved swiftly so we could deliver a solution as soon as possible.

In doing so, we were keen to accommodate LIMA Networks’ needs, and they were pleased that we understood why they didn’t want to put all the signs up on the same day.

The hanging signs we implemented enabled them to clearly designate where people sat in their open-plan office, and they can be easily moved too. This means guests can be shown around with ease, and the floor plan is future-proofed as the company looks to expand.

The wayfinding in the building has been dramatically improved now that clear signage is in place. As they move to the future, LIMA Networks are looking further at their interior branding, such as signage in meeting rooms. This will allow the customer journey to become even more seamless.