5 Creative Sign Design Ideas for Agencies

Author: FASTSIGNS® Manchester

Branding is key to the success of any business. Agencies know this, but it can be hard to think up new, creative ways of expressing a brand identity. Sign design is a perfect excuse to show off an organisation’s personality across a workspace or venue – but where to start?

FASTSIGNS® Manchester are here to upend the creative toy box, spilling out some tips for visually promoting your agency or client in an imaginative way…

1. Wall lettering

What will people see as they walk into the premises? Could it be an eye-catching, elegant run of vinyl lettering on the walls of the corridor? The brand’s name and strapline, or even some inspiring words, can really liven up an otherwise blank space.

Employees will be motivated each morning, remembering they are part of something that deserves a wall of its own. For an agency, it also shows that you’re proud of your brand – and as a result will take good care of your client’s.

2. Vinyl decals

In the same spirit, a glass partition looks amazing when it has quirky, creative graphics spread over its surface. Custom vinyl decals are a key part of modern sign design, and they’re great for meeting rooms. Leave the upper or lower half of the window bare, and apply your decoration to one defined space with any images you prefer.

The whole point is to mark out that you are crossing one space into another, creating a feeling of privacy or personality along the way. Find the right balance: a white decal won’t pop out much from the glass backing, whilst a lot of bright primary colours may seem overstuffed.

3. Vinyl stickers

There’s no need to craft permanent wall features if you want to move them elsewhere. Sticky products do exist – in fact, FASTSIGNS® Manchester has a product that claims to never lose its adhesiveness, no matter the surface or how many times you stick it on.

Vinyl stickers give you or your client the option to shift a design around, making them a perfect addition to multi-functional spaces and ideal for event agencies constantly on the move.

4. Cut-outs

Creative sign design can prove incredibly useful when fighting for interest at a trade exhibition. Cut-out figures are bound to stop delegates in their tracks. They might depict a person, building, object or landscape. Property developers can use them, for example, to envision how a build will look. Sports teams may want to forge a replica of their winning team, or the bus they travel to games in. Your agency has a quirk up its sleeve when you partner with a cut-out expert.

5. Custom sign design

To really stand out, a brand can explore custom sign design ideas that are on the unusual side. Looking beyond traditional ‘signage’, there are so many ways to grab attention – and FASTSIGNS® Manchester have been involved in our fair share of these concepts over the years.

From stools and chairs to cuboids, pool tables and zorb balls, the opportunities for branding are bottomless. We often recommend signage on interesting items for video marketing, to create a social stunt that can reinforce a brand’s core message.

We are more than prepared for any tailored, creative sign designs you need for an extra dose of exposure. Whether you’re looking to boost the visibility of your own brand or that of a client, tell us your plans to see how we can help.