Sports and leisure businesses are often jam-packed with people, making them a fantastic space for displaying banners and signs. But actually getting them seen is another thing entirely. ‘Which banners to choose?’ and ‘what sign design to opt for?’ may be just two of the questions on your mind.

We answer these, alongside everything else you’ll need to know in order to create eye-catching signage, with these valuable tips.

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Stand out with illumination

Different types of lighting, like backlit signage, disrupt the environment and are easily noticed. Event light boxes can be used to make your message shine and are particularly suitable for communicating any upcoming offers or information for visitors.

They can also be used if you hold any events, promoting them to increase attendance or helping guests realise they’re at the right venue. You can bring sign design into the modern age by using digital signs, like a digital score board. This will be highly visible, and also help engage crowds during games and matches.

Get yourself known at events

No marketing plan is complete without your organisation’s attendance at specific sporting and leisure events, like tradeshows and conferences. For these you can promote your business with tent graphics that will draw every eye towards you.

Another valuable sign design idea is to use banner stands. These are excellent for advertising your business and any sporting teams. Additionally, they are fantastic for day-to-day use – like forming a clear and organised queue to key facilities.

Make the most of the crowd

If you have any sort of stadium where visitors gather to watch games and matches, then there’s ample opportunity to stand out with attractive sign design on different formats. You could opt for stadium channel signs, as well as concrete stair graphics, which are great for displaying your brand when people are looking around to find their seats.

Together with sport stadium print to board signs, these banners and signs are also fantastic if there will be any video recording of the match, ensuring your reach extends past the event itself. There’s also stadium pole flags – these are particularly beneficial for advertising upcoming events in parking areas.

Cover every sign design angle

Features like high ceilings and vast spaces mean your business’ premises are ideal for maximising the impact of your graphics. An excellent sign design idea is to use large format printing – custom wall signs are a way of coating the area in promotion, and large scale graphics will plaster your brand around even the biggest of blank spaces.

If you have a sports bar, then you can make the most of any available area around it with sports bar wall graphics. These could detail directions to specific locations or opening hours. You can also use sports bar digital displays – they don’t just have to show live sporting events, they could display promotions for future matches, along with enticing offers.

Point visitors in the right direction

The easier guests can find their way around, the happier they’ll be with your sporting or leisure business. Consider wayfinding when planning your sign design – your enquiries and sales may benefit from exterior signage like a building sign at the entrance.

Stadiums can have building banners displayed so that they’re visible for all to see. They can also use stadium seat banners and branded seating charts. The former will quickly direct visitors to the right area, and the latter will provide the detail to help them easily locate their correct seats.

With the right signage and graphics in place, your business will maximise its potential impact. FASTSIGNS® Manchester are experts in visual communications – we can help with anything from sign design to installation. To put a solution in place for your sport or leisure business, request a consultation from FASTSIGNS® Manchester today.