Unique School Sign Ideas to Make Your Learning Institution Stand Out

Author: FASTSIGNS® Manchester

We recently discussed the essential school signs any learning institution should display. But whilst meeting basic needs is key, you may feel that more could be done with your signage.

We recently discussed the essential school signs any learning institution should display. But whilst meeting basic needs is key, you may feel that more could be done with your signage. There is – with a little creativity, you can really engage students and make your school stand out amongst the rest.

To provide some inspiration, we’ve put together a few unique school sign ideas that are guaranteed to make your learning institution distinctive.

School wall graphics

Educate with information

Pupils can gain and cement valuable knowledge from their surroundings. Whether they’re passing through the corridors or distracted in classrooms, their eyes will fall on informative school signs adorning the walls.

Primary schools could fill up their blank spaces with times tables or the alphabet. Secondary schools could opt for snappy history facts, a map of the world, or quotes from famous authors. The range of information you can display is endless, and even the least studious pupil could learn something new without realising.

Excite with word clouds

Pupils are a lot more likely to feel enthused if the topics they’re being taught appear interesting, and visual school signs are an easy way to achieve this. Subjects that may be viewed as dull to your students can be brought to life with word clouds.

These highlight the importance of each key word in different sizes and colours, making them stand out. Even pupils with minimal interest will end up looking at every term or phrase within it to see what’s been included. The word cloud doesn’t have to be presented in the literal shape either – you could use a more interesting structure to make it relevant to the subject matter, such as a map for Geography.

Engage with moveable graphics

Something that’s interactive is a great tool to elicit interest, which is why technology has been proven as such an effective learning method. School signs that take inspiration from this don’t necessarily need to be electronic signs – you can use repositionable magnetic graphics that can be modified by the pupils.

There’s no limit to the ways these can be used. An example for Biology is to have a human skeleton school sign with arrows pointing to it, along with moveable graphics that name each body part. The pupils could then test their knowledge by placing the custom stickers next to what they believe is the correct body part.

Ensure privacy with one-way screens

It may be that you require an area to be concealed, but the people inside it still need to be able to look outside. Covering a door window with paper won’t do the trick, but vinyl graphics will. Private meetings or a staff lunch can be held without anyone gazing in, whilst you can still keep an eye on what’s happening outside.

These one-way screens could also be employed when teachers are marking test papers, and frosted designs can be useful if a pupil needs some uninterrupted quiet time.

School sign solutions that suit

Making sure that the school signs you choose are both unique and suitable for your learning institution may prove difficult.

FASTSIGNS® Manchester can take the creative process off your hands, collaborating with you to determine the best solution as part of our free consultation service. We’ll shape everything, from the initial sign design ideas to the school signs themselves. Contact us today to discuss your requirements – your learning institution will be oozing personality in no time.